Fees & Costings

We ultimately seek to cover the time and cost of our professional services delivered to clients. We therefore apply hourly rates to the work being performed on behalf of our clients. The appropriate hourly charge rates for services provided are typically as follows:

Directors From $300 plus GST
Managers/ Supervisors From $200 plus GST
Senior Accountants From $175 plus GST
Intermediate Accountants From $150 plus GST
Graduate Accountants From $125 plus GST
Other Para-Professionals From $100 plus GST


Within each business division, tailored packaged services may be utilised by our clients for a predetermined fee. These services will be openly discussed with clients to identify the most effective method of utilising our services.

Professional, statutory and ownership issues mean that each of our business divisions are separately accountable for their professional services provided.

Income may be received within a business division from another source other than directly from the client (e.g. a commission or brokerage from an investment within the Financial Planning Division). This income will be used to account in part for the time and cost provided to the client by that business division.

Where the value generated by the implementation of our advice is sufficient, we feel it is justified to receive a premium in excess of the time taken to deliver our advice.


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